Journalism Staff

The Journalism Staff is comprised of every student in Journalism I and Journalism II Honors. In order to be a member of the staff, you must apply to the class every February and get accepted by Mr. Mayo. Members of the staff work on the yearbook (Arktos) from August to March, sell ads to business and families to go the yearbook, and write articles for the Creek Chronicle’s news print and the website.

Members of Bears Sports Network (BSN), run by Coach Rhoda, cover everything sports related. Aside from giving up live-updates on Twitter and special video highlights, they help contribute articles to our Sports News section.

The following is our leadership staff for both the Arktos and the Creek Chronicle:

Editor-in-Chief: Madelyn Slade, Senior

Maddie Slade was the Annual Staff’s Editor-in-Chief for the 2018-2019 school year and will continue that position into the 2019-2020 school year as we transition to the Journalism Staff. Maddie is responsible for overseeing everything that is yearbook and newspaper, though she delegates most of the decision making of the newspaper to the Managing Editor. No matter what it is, Maddie is the lead who helps ensure our program goes successful.

Aside from Journalism, Maddie is the former Reporter (10th grade) and President (11th grade) of GCHS’s chapter of FFA. She is also current President of FFA’s South Central Region. Other activities include being a member of the National Honor Society and Academy of Scholars. Outside of school, Maddie enjoys crafting and fishing and loves plants or anything agricultural. After graduation, she hopes to attend the University of Mount Olive and major in Agricultural Communications, eventually going into Ag Education.

Managing Editor: Isabella Witherow, Senior

Bella Witherow was the Annual Staff’s Design Editor for the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year. This year, she is taking over as Managing Editor, where she is responsible for overseeing the editor staff and ensuring everything goes well day-to-day. She is also the lead editor of the Creek Chronicle, ensuring everything is run smoothly and GCHS gets the news daily. Bella is also responsible for helping keep Maddie sane.

Aside from Journalism, Bella is a member of the National Honor Society, even serving on Gray’s Creek’s executive board. She is also a member of Academy of Scholars and the orchestra, as well as an athlete on the Cross County, Swim, and Unified Track teams. One of her more recent accolades is attending North Carolina’s prestigious Governor’s School this summer for Math. Outside of school, Bella enjoys swimming and dancing. After graduation, she plans on going to school for business and biology, eventually going to medical school.

Copy Editor: Eden Tracy, Junior

Eden Tracy was our staff’s Copy Editor during the second semester of last year and is gladly taking on the challenge again this year. Eden is responsible for ensuring all stories are written promptly, all news is accurate and everything is proofread and revised. Eden is also responsible for creating the Creek Chronicle social media logo and the logo for our newsprint.

Outside of working on the yearbook and newspaper, Eden is a member of the NJROTC program and a former wrestler. When not working hard in school, Eden loves art, writing, and juijitsu. She is planning on being a graphic designer, freelance illustrator, and author.

Design Editor: Aynsley Sowder, Junior

Aynsley Sowder is this year’s Design Editor for the Journalism Staff, where she’ll ensure that all of our yearbook spreads are flawless and our newspaper looks great. She is an expert on Adobe Photoshop and is responsible for creating our website logo.

Outside of working on the yearbook and newspaper, Aynsley is a major part of the Art program and has helped the Creek General Store look great, along with her parents. When not in school, she loves making and refinishing furniture. When she graduates, she wants to go into visual communications/graphic design.

Photo Editor: Vanessa Blank, Senior

Vanessa Blank was last year’s Photo Editor and will continue that role this year. She is responsible for training the staff’s photographers and ensuring all of our photos in the yearbook and on the website are up to standard, not only quality-wise but creatively as well. She works alongside Sports and Events Editor Taylor Parow to manage our extensive photography staff and ensure they’re trained in programs like Adobe Photoshop and HP Reveal.

Outside of Journalism, Vanessa is a member of the Color Guard on the Gray’s Creek Marching Band. She loves practicing photography in her spare time and hopes to be a professional photographer after graduation this year.

Sports and Events Editor: Taylor Parow, Senior

Taylor Parow is our Sports and Events Editor this year. Sports and Events Editor is a position that Photo Editor was in charge of, but has become so challenging and important that it needed its own position. Taylor is responsible for ensuring we have a photographer at every sports, club, and school event that takes place throughout the year. She is also responsible for working with BSN to provide content for our sports page. Together with Vanessa, she leads the photography staff.

Outside of Journalism, Taylor is the current President of the Gray’s Creek High School FFA chapter, where she served as reporter last year. Her hobbies include photography, playing soccer, hiking, and working with livestock. After graduation, Taylor plans on attending North Carolina State University, where she’ll major in Ag Education.

Sales Manager: Haylie Bragg, Senior

Haylie Bragg joins us this year as the ever important Sales Manager. While this is her first year on the Journalism Staff (something Mr. Mayo has regretted since the beginning of her sophomore year), Haylie brings much needed drive, dedication, enthusiasm, and an unmatched work ethic that will ensure our Yearbook and Newspaper programs are financially successful. She will lead our sales team in marketing the yearbook, selling business advertisements to companies around the area, and selling recognition advertisements to parents and seniors.

Outside of Journalism, Haylie is an active member of the National Honor Society, where she serves on its officer board. She is also a member of the Cross County, Swimming, and Track teams. When not working hard at school both academically and physically, Haylie enjoys running. After high school, Haylie plans on going to college for athletic training.

Adviser: Mr. Joel Mayo, Teacher

Mr. Mayo has been the adviser of the yearbook program for the past three years. This will be his 8th year as a teacher and his 8th year at Gray’s Creek High, where he has taught English I, English II, and Annual Staff, which is now Journalism. While he has no past experience with either, his creativity, hard work, and dedication have truly helped make this program what it is today.

Aside from teaching, Mr. Mayo has been the coach of the Gray’s Creek Slam Team and adviser of the Gamer’s Club, Poetry Club, Harry Potter Club, Model Government Club, and GSA. When not working, he enjoys photography, video games, and spending time with his family and friends. Mr. Mayo hopes to continue growing the program and ensure the newspaper is a mainstay at GCHS.