The Tea: ACT

By Gloria Christina and Abby Twaddell

The ACT is right around the corner. In fact, it is on Tuesday, February 25th. The school has offered 3 boot camps over the past couple of months to help you all prepare in the best way possible. Hopefully, you all took that opportunity to really understand how to study and get ready for February 25th. 

For all of you who are preparing to take it, have already taken it, or are unsure about taking it, you have options. The military and most colleges require either an ACT and/or SAT score, and CCS is giving you, juniors, an opportunity to take the ACT for free, so you should take advantage of this and do your best the first time, so you don’t have to pay to retake it. The average score of the ACT in North Carolina is a 19, but most people shoot for a 21. The ACT is a stressful test, but even if you don’t get the score you wanted, there are more opportunities to retake the test. Most people that end up retaking the test do better the second time since they know what to expect.  

We asked junior, Amaya Bond, what she thought of the ACT coming up,

“I feel a little bit prepared. Last year when I took the PreACT, I lacked confidence, but this time, I got it.” Ryan Martin, a senior, scored a 35 on his ACT last February. That’s impressive, right! We asked him how he prepared; he said, “I drank a pot of coffee and didn’t second guess myself, don’t worry about it.” 

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