By Natalie Blacker Mr. Inostroza is a new Spanish teacher from Iquique, Chile. He taught at a year-round high school in downtown Iquique.  He was an English teacher and saw his students twice, sometimes three times a week. He had a very strong bond with his students and feels that the relationship here between him and students is forced. He misses his peers and doesn’t know all of the teachers here. Moving here was a big culture shock because he was used to a beachfront city, and now he is in a “place where everything is spaced out.” In the future, he wants to pursue music and have his own studio one day. When asked why he chose to teach he said: “I am very concerned about what is happening in society.” Mr. Inostroza wants to make a difference in our lives, so take a moment of your day to get to know your new teachers!

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