BSN Bowling

By Jayleigh Jones CJ Woodle, Hunter Cole, Giovanni, Justin Warick, and Ammon Janey expressed their love for not only bowling but also for each other. Hunter Cole expressed how he was nervous going into the state match given that they had to go against Jack Britt, who had a whole crowd behind them. Giovanni Garcia expressed how nerve-racking it was going into States because of the intensity of the fellow teams. Whenever the match was coming to an end the boys felt the tension of the match had been bouncing between the two teams throughout. Going into the end of the tenth frame the Bears were up by one, so the pressure was very much on. The match was now in CJ Woodle’s hands, and with every Bear behind him, CJ rolled a strike on the first bowl, giving the boys hope. Shortly after Jack Britt’s bowler rolled a 9 and then missed his next bowl. Continuing the pressure on CJ Woodle to take home states for the Bears. Despite the pressure, he bowled one final strike, relieving the stress for the whole team. The bowling team then went out to eat and celebrated their win and love for each other.

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