Alumni Feature

By: Natalie Blacker

Although many of you may not recognize the name, Daniel Galberth was a student here three years ago. He has a list of tips and things to need to remember when going to college: “It’s difficult and not because of the reasons most think…there is no ‘no child left behind’ rule or anything that will make sure you stay on track.” Looking back, he said he would’ve told himself to “keep it together, don’t allow the newfound freedom to enlarge your head.”  When asked for advice for seniors graduating this year, he made it very clear that you have to work for what you want. “Scholarships, internships, and all other great opportunities won’t just fall into your lap…you have you apply yourself and make sure you get the deadline.” Take these tips from someone who was once in your position and keep them a mind as you press forward in your education!

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