Gray’s Creek Newsies 1/31/2020

Gray’s Creek presents Newsies, with all your favorite theatre kids. The auditions were October 7th and the judges chose the best of the best. The leads of Jack and Katherine went to Jacob Elliot and Ravyn Rozier. They are all so excited to tell the story of the 1899 news strike between the newsies and Joseph Pulitzer. The show starts off with a young painter named Jack Kelly dreaming of escaping the big city of New York, and going to the beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. He sells newspapers by day and paints for Ms. Medda Larkin (Erin Jackson) by night. Until one day Joseph Pulitzer decides to raise the price of papers for the newsies and it leads to the 1899 strike. Jack, Katherine, Davey and Les are the only ones who can “seize the day”. They bring all the newsies of New York together to strike against “The Word.” 

Our props are bigger and better than last year, and our actors are bringing their A games, striving to be their best. This play has helped all of the cast and crew come together to form a big family, who all have the goal of success in bringing an amazing show to Grays Creek High School. Mrs. Stovall, Mrs. Warga-Dean and the students have devoted their time, effort and love into Newsies and you can tell by the determination which is proven in the show. They have been acting, singing and dancing their tails off. So please come and see them tell the story of the poor newsboys that fought for themselves, and for each other. Newsies is March 19th-22nd so please come and support your theatre program

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