Bears Sport Network 1/31/2020

By Avery Tabberer

Our girls varsity basketball team has made a big improvement from last year! They are 6-5 in conference and 8-9 overall. Our Grays Creek team is 4th place in conference out of 12 teams. Players Morgan Brady (11), Ni’Jaa Wells (12), and Madeleine Smith (12) all had excellent performances this year. Madeleine Smith says, “Get out there and play hard no matter the circumstances. Don’t let the other team get in your head and ruin the game for you.” Madeleine has 14.4 PPG (points per game) average. From the words of Ni’Jaa Wells, “Basketball has made me understand the meaning of teamwork. Helping your team before you help yourself.” Ni’Jaa has a 14.4 PPG. Morgan Brady, tied for first place in3-point shooting with a 10 PPG, says “Going out onto the court giving your all to bring success to the team is what it means to be a true team player.” 

They’re getting down to their last couple games which are the most important! Their next five games are against Cape Fear, Terry Sanford, Over Hills, Douglas Byrd, and Westover.  With Cape Fear and Over Hills being their top competitors, there will be some good games coming up. Depending on their performances in these last couple games, it will determine whether or not they will be playing in the playoffs.

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