It takes a strong individual to be a principal. Mrs. Stewart is from Macon Georgia. She has been in the school education as a teacher since 1997 in Georgia. She has also been in the Grays Creek area as an assistant principal since 2011 and from 2014-2016 she was the head principal at Grays Creek Middle, and has been here at Grays Creek High since 2016! Our loving principal Mrs. Stewart chose to be a principal because she loves teaching and loves being in the classroom environment. “I love to touch students lives more as a principle than a teacher, ” says Mrs. Stewart. Here are some facts she has given us… her favorite part about her job is being around students all day, watching kids grow and also being involved in as much as they can in our school! She has some favorite memories about being a principle and that is whenever she’s having a rough day, she often goes to different classrooms to see all the smiles and positivity that the grays creek bears have! Mrs. Stewart’s biggest fear as a principle is not being good enough. Mrs. Stewart is the embodiment of “Always A Bear”!

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