As highschool students, we all know that one teacher, the one that makes you question why you rolled out of bed this morning to come to his/her class, the ones that makes you seriously wonder, does anybody here actually enjoy their job? There’s a teacher in your mind right now and here’s a few tips on how to deal with them…. 

If you know this teacher calls you out in front of the class either make sure you know the answer or come up with a very respectful way to say “nah, I’m good”. If this teacher assigns loads of homework, and you have a lot of after school activities, try to manage your time better, or approach the teacher and explain your situation. Once explained, be the one that asks for an addition to their time, not a reduction of work. If this teacher doesn’t teach and then expects you to know a whole chapter worth of material for a test, the other option is to teach yourself. While this may seem unnecessary, in order to pass that class, though, it may be inevitable. Last thing to remember is though this teacher is aggravating, they have a lot of years over us, and however you approach them should be respectful and understanding. 

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